Profesor Leonard Talmy z State University of New York w Buffalo wygłosi wykład „Aspects of Language Differ in their Accessibility to Consciousness”.


Wykład otwarty odbędzie się 18 września, w godz. 16.00-18.00, w sali 1.007/1.008 (piętro I) w budynku Wydziału Neofilologii UW przy ul. Dobrej 55.


Organizatorem wydarzenia jest Instytut Anglistyki Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego.



Different aspects of language have different degrees of accessibility to consciousness and, when in consciousness, have different degrees of salience, from backgrounded to foregrounded. For example, the meaning of a lexical morpheme is generally more accessible to or salient in consciousness than the meaning of a grammatical morpheme; the amalgamated meaning of a morpheme more than its semantic components; the meaning of an expression more than its form; and explicitly represented concepts more than implicit concepts. Certain principles seem largely to account for such differences, among them principles of relevance, perceivedness, and quantity. The same pattern of differential consciousness seems to hold for other cognitive systems, such as visual perception and motor control.